The standard specifies general performance requirements for ergonomics, innocuousness, size designation, ageing, compatibility and marking of protective clothing and the information to be supplied by the manufacturer with the protective clothing.


EN 340 is a reference standard, used only in combination with specific protective clothing standards such as EN 342 etc.


More detailed, general requirements for protective clothing include:


  • Innocuousness of the materials to the user. Ergonomic requirements for the clothing including comfort, weight and design considerations.
  • Performance requirements after ageing including colour alteration, cleaning and dimensional change.
  • Sizing requirements according to wearer height, chest and waist circumferences, and the requirement for a pictogram to be used on the garment label showing the body dimensions that the garment will fit.
  • Labelling requirements - the label must be clearly visible and legible and include the following information:


a) Name, trademark or other means of identification of manufacturer.

b) Designation of manufacturer's reference to product type, commercial name or code.

c) Pictogram and size designation according to EN 340.

d) Reference to the specific European protective clothing standard.

e) Pictogram showing the specific hazard the garment design addresses and performance level of the garment.

f) Washing instructions using care symbols of ISO 3758.

g) CE Mark.


  • In addition to the information on the garment label, further information needs to be provided by the manufacturer to the user on any safety checks to be carried out before use, the specific area of use and limitations of use of the clothing (e.g. time of wear in specific conditions), storage and maintenance instructions, instructions for cleaning and disinfection etc


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