EN 342: Protection against cold

Norms: EN 342:2004 - Supersedes ENV 342:1998

Protection against cold (temperatures lower then -5°C)

The following parameters are used:


  1. a: (U) Icler; basic resulting insulation.

    + type of reference underwear

  2. b: (U) Icle; resulting thermal insulation

    optional: "X" means not tested

  3. c: Air permeability (3 levels)

  4. d: Water penetration resistance class (2 levels)

    optional: "X" means not tested

a (U) and b (U): measured resulting thermal insulation

These values (in m2 K/W) are measured on a 'moving' (Icler) or a 'static' (Icle) thermal man-like manikin (see picture), wearing sensors on different parts of the body.

  1. (U) = indicates the type of underwear used on the manikin

  2. (B) = reference underwear for suits/coveralls: shirt with long sleeves, long undertrousers, additional thermal underwear, socks, felt slippers, knitted gloves, balaclava

  3. (C) = customized underwear as specified by the manufacturer

  4. (R) = reference underwear when only a jacket or trouser is measured. In this case the additional thermal underwear is replaced by a shirt and lightweight workwear. The Icler value of all this underwear +/- 0,185 m2.K/W

By testing the complete garment on a mannequin, also the design of the protective garment is fully taken into account

During the development work in the design stage, heated (from the inside) manikin and a thermal imaging camera can be used to detect local areas of heat loss.

You see the different loss of heat between a good and a bad design.

The orange-red colour indicates an important heat loss, whereas the blue shades indicate the well insulated zones.



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