Positive cold

Discover our workwear for cool environments from -5º a 10º C.

Subzero cold

Discover our protective workwear for subzero temperatures until - 62 ºC.

High Visibility

Discover our protective workwear for high visibility. 

Head protection 

Complete your workwear with essential accessories to protect your head from the cold

Protective Gloves

Complete your workwear against the cold. It is crucial to protect your hands. 

Safety Footwear

Start on the right food. Stand firm with safety footwear.

Cold Storage

Ideal to maintain the temperature for food or pharmaceuticals storage.

Size Guide

Measure the right size before ordering. For special sizes, follow our instructions. 


Despite our garment's durability, over time, after some use or bad care, garment may need repair. Do not hesitate to contact us

EU Certifications

Our integrated and optimised solutions of workwear are marketed under our trademark Refrigue® and certified according to European Union standards.

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