Gloves NEO5040®

Higher protection against hazardous materials

Manufactured from chloroprene rubber latex. Embossed diamond pattern on palm for better grip. Added lining gives an increased comfortable and sweat absorption. Provides insulation and light protection against thermal risks. Has been tested in accordance to cold contact test. Superior dexterity and resistance against animal fats and oils. Can be used for handling solvents in oil refineries. Chemically treated to enhance performance and extended usage life. 

Uses: Refineries. Industry. Manure spreading. Chemistry. Industrial maintenance.  

Composition: Outer fabric: Chloroprene rubber latex. Lining: 100% acrylic black terry.

Dimensions: Length: 380mm(*). Thickness: 0,68mm (+/- 0,03 mm) *average measurements. 

Colour: Blue. 

Sizes: 8-10. 

Certified against:

The cold with the standard EN511
Dangerous chemicals and micro-organisms with the standard EN374-1 / EN374-5
Thermal risks such as heat or fire
Mechanical risks with the standard EN388
EC Certificate issued by SGS Fimko Oy, Notified body nº 0598.