Wash & Care Instructions

Every garment has specific washing instructions. These are important to follow. It reduces wear and tear and lengthens every garment's life. The workwear's correct wash cycle, care and storage is important for its durability, function and long term comfort. The proper care is imperative to guarantee every garment's specific technical functions. 

Hand wash or soft cycle 

 It is also important that zips, buttons and velcro are closed when the garment is washed. This reduces wear and tear and lengthens the garment's life. 

Do not tumble dry

We don't recommend tumble drying as a solution. Prefer hanging up or drying flat. 

Do not dry clean

Dry cleaning will damage your garment. 

Do not use bleach

Check that the detergent is intended for the garment wash temperature. Do not use laundry detergent containing bleach. Follow washing instructions in the manual. Be aware that fabric softeners can damage certain fabrics and their functions, the breathability of water-repellent membranes can be impaired.

Do not iron

Ironing can damage the equipment.

Safety footwear

In order to fulfil the safety stated characteristics, it is important that shoes are always used and tied correctly. Also pay attention, if the shoes are subject to heavy wear - check that soles, seams and uppers are intact. Clean your boots regularly with a brush, remove any spots with a damp cloth and use shoe cream on the leather uppers. Never clean shoes with substances such as petrol, acids or solvents. Boots should be stored in a dry, well-ventilated space. Never dry next to a heat source such as a stove, radiator or drying cabinet. Let them dry and well ventilate at room temperature. 

Protective gloves

All gloves have a marking showing the correct care instructions. A damaged or badly fitting glove provides poorer protection, so you should always check the gloves before use. Gloves must not come into contact with fire. Take care when working with moving machine parts, because gloves may get caught and cause damage to your hands. Store in a dry and cool place. Please consult your gloves' marking for the correct washing instructions, or clean with a dry brush.