Cold storage

Our thermal covers are efficient, quick to set up, easy to use and compact for storage. Ideal for industrial, commercial and food-processing industry. Their thermal insulation reduces temperature variations but also hot and cold peaks. Discover additional protection for transport of heat-sensitive, perishable and pharmaceutical products, reducing the risks of temperature variation during weak logistics segments. 

Thermal pallet cover 

Insulated pallet covers. Controls temperatures variations. Keeps the cold inside and the warm outside, or the warm inside and the cold outside. Water repellent. Plastic pocket for identification. Resistance, washable, lightweight. Breathable. Protect pallet shipments against extreme heat and cold temperatures. Can be quickly and easily applied to shipments. Provides high performance temperature control. Protecting food or frozen food against damaging temperature excursions during transit. Best option to protect frozen products and food in non-refrigerated areas or to keep food warm in cold environments. Cost effective solution compared to refrigerated trucking. Strong and flexible material to resist punctured and rigorous handling during transit. Block radiation, convection, conduction and odour transfer. Can be used as blankets or curtains for trucks. Sustainable alternative with attention to durability and quality. Made according to customer specifications. 

Composition: Outer fabric: 100% polyamide 6.6 185 gr/m². Inside lining: 100% polyester 62 gr/m². Thermal insulation: 100% polyester 220 gr/m². 

Colours: Black, navy, royal, green, bring green, red, orange, white, grey, chino, caramel, brown. 

Size: custom made.